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Sherri Gragg

Five things you should know-

1. Without coffee, I would be dead.

2. I have five children between the ages of 16 - 24 and they are the most beautiful, kindest kids in the world…the best part of me.

4. I love Advent, that season just before Christmas in which we wait, watch, and pray for the light of Emmanuel.

5. I am a nationally published writer with four books under my belt. My fifth book, Advent: The Story of Christmas, is hitting shelves November 18th, 2019!


Advent and Christmas Family Memories…

First there were three. How sweet are these babies? Today, they are 24, 21, and 17.


Learning to watch and wait…

My two adopted daughters came home nine days before Christmas after a two-year wait. I learned a lot about waiting during that season. It takes my breath away to realize they have been home for 14 years this Advent.