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Be Part of the Launch Team!

Advent: The Story of Christmas

It takes a village to raise a child, and to launch a book. Here is how you can help-

  • Buy the book: CLICK HERE.

  • Post about the book on social media. Post a picture of the book and your personal thoughts on it. Why you think it is valuable. Why others should read it.

  • Write a review of the book on Amazon and/or GoodReads. Reviews help book sales. Even i you purchase your copy from the publisher or your local books store (ask your Indie bookstore to order it for you and recommend they sell it), you can still write a review on Amazon. It only needs to be a few sentences and it REALLY HELPS!

  • Talk about the book, recommend it to your friends, ask your library to buy a copy and your local book store to sell it.

  • Attend my book launch. BOOK LAUNCH IS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 19TH FROM 6:30-8:30 AT FRANKLIN CREATIVE STUDIOS, 1261 COLUMBIA AVE, FRANKLIN, TN. You can buy a book there, enjoy snacks, mingle with cool people, listen to me read, and bet me to sign a copy of Advent: The Story of Christmas.

  • Review the book. If you are a writer and can squeeze in some time to write a review of the book, please let me know and we can brainstorm places to pitch it!

    Thanks for your help!


    PS: If you don’t plant to attend the launch, you can still buy a copy of the book here.