Author of Advent: The Story of Christmas

Sherri Gragg fell in love with stories as a child and discovered she could travel – between the covers of a book – to any place or moment in time. Some of her favorite memories include trips to Middle Earth, Narnia and the Middle East.

After graduating Welch College, where she studied Education, English and Theology, Sherri married and made Nashville her home. The next decade was filled with toddlers, followed by teenagers, as Sherri earned more “frequent reader” pages than “frequent flyer” miles. The stories of scripture captivated her imagination during this season, and she began researching the people and culture at the heart of biblical accounts.

God opened the door for Sherri to travel to Israel with Bible World Seminars in 2010. Dr. James C. Martin guided the tour and lectured on the culture, history, and geography of the Bible. As Dr. Martin described the context of Biblical events, Sherri began reading the stories of scripture with fresh understanding.

“That trip changed my life and answered so many of my questions,” Sherri recalls. “I began reading and researching the history, geography, and culture of the ancient Middle East. The world of the Bible came alive. And as it did, I found God to be infinitely kinder than I ever imagined.”

As a writer and speaker, Sherri guides readers on historical journeys via her unique storytelling which is infused with cultural accuracy and color. She enjoys researching and crafting “Bible stories for adults,” which is how she describes her writing style.


Sherri’s latest book, Advent: The Story of Christmas (Dayspring, 2019), traces the story of redemption, from Eden to Jerusalem, through the retelling of 31 biblical stories to be read during Advent. She is also the author of Arms Open Wide: A Call to Linger in the Savior’s Presence (Thomas Nelson, 2016), which utilizes cultural background and archeology to immerse readers in some of the most riveting moments within the Gospels. Sherri’s hardcover books enhance personal devotional reading and are accessible guides for Advent or Lenten small group discussion.

Sherri worked alongside author Shelia Walsh to co-author two volumes of the bestselling “5 Minutes with Jesus” series: 5 Minutes with Jesus: A Fresh Infusion of Joy and 5 Minutes with Jesus: Quiet Time for Your Soul (both from Thomas Nelson).

Sherri is a nationally published freelance writer and a 2012 award-winner in Writer’s Digest annual competition. She lives and writes in beautiful Franklin, Tennessee.

Website: Twitter: @SherriGragg Instagram: authorsherrigragg Facebook: Sherri Gragg


October 2019